Management Biography

Christopher J Reynolds


Invest Northern Counties founder Christopher Reynolds is an entrepreneur and serial investor. Having spent three decades in the North-East England financial industry, today he assists high net worth individuals and strategic investors to grow their investment portfolios, at the same time supporting business endeavours throughout the northern counties.

Christopher began his professional career in 1986 at the Co-operative Bank in Newcastle upon Tyne. He quickly discovered a knack for building enduring professional relationships as well as a no-nonsense approach to sales.

Eager to advance, Christopher began his banking examinations the same year, and remains committed to further education. A member of the Institute of Financial Services, he has numerous qualifications in sharedealing, commercial mortgages, financial advice, and regulated equity release, and is currently studying for the Chartered Financial Analyst Investment Management Certificate.

In addition to his time at the Co-operative Bank, Christopher’s career has included employment with Royal Bank of Scotland, Norwich and Peterborough Building Society, Mercantile Building Society, Leeds Building Society, and Anacap Financial Partners. At each financial institution he typically headed the top-performing sales unit or was himself the strongest salesperson, winning numerous internal sales awards.

Christopher founded Invest Northern Counties in 2009. The business started with 24 high net worth clients, which has since grown to 56. Through Invest Northern Counties, Christopher works with a number of approved investment product providers, fund management businesses, and angel syndicates – primarily within the property, film and TV industries –introducing those who require funding to high net worth individuals and strategic investors eager to secure their next high-yield opportunity.

Christopher also liaises with government, funding and educational agencies to promote projects that support employment in the North East of England.

Member of London Institute of Banking and Finance (Membership R22411)

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